** This document was found in a recipe book belonging to Mrs. Wilson which was made by curling members.


Back in the early ‘60’s a new sport came to the town of Hearst. Curling was introduced and what an introduction!

The arena board agreed to let the curlers use the Arena one night a week. Curling lines and circles were added to hockey lines and circles… being natural ice, there were numerous bumps, cracks and rolls. It was no surprise to see a rock change rinks and it was commonplace to watch a rock spit in two anywhere between hacks. Incidentally the hacks were nailed on top of the ice.

Four rinks were painted and from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. avid curlers threw stones. There were 8 ladies’ and 16 men’s rinks

Conditions were difficult and skills were limited but curling caught on! After two such seasons at the arena, there was one year without curling and plans were made to build a curling rink.

Autumn 1966 saw the construction of 2 sheets of ice with a limited viewing area. The following summer a third sheet of ice and the present club house were added.

Our problems were not over however, spring thaw and dripping ceiling rafters caused untold misery. In 1973 a new artificial ice surface in an insulated building was constructed.

To-day Hearst Curling Club boasts one of the best and most attractive curling areas in the north!

Max Phair

Colleen & George Blight